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Anti-Sticking Agent

 Aluminum Plate

 Copper Plate

 Nickel plate

 Moly plate and so on...

Our Anti-sticking agent is used during the rolling process of thin plate nickel, zinc, copper alloy. Apply anti-sticking agent (ASA) to both sides of the contacting surfaces during the high temperature (600~650) rolling phase to protect from seizure.


* Characteristics

1. Spreads equally/evenly on the metal surfaces due to the main ingredient particle, a nano compound.

2. Available as a spray, strong anti sticking even in the rolling process because of the low surface resistance.

3. ASA Anti-sticking agent is an economical choice for a wide range of automotive and industrial type applications.

4. Apply it to any metal surface that may freeze or seize: resists heat, pressure, torque or shock and is non-activate with gas.

5. Not affected by heat, moisture, salt water or corrosion.

6. Easy to separate after heat exposure.


* Applications:  

1. Manufacturing of thin plates for electronics industry.

2. Fasteners, nuts, bolts and screws exposed to high temperatures in steel mills, paper mills, power plants, chemical plants, oil refineries, aerospace manufacturing and other services.

3. Assembly of dissimilar metals.

4. Plant maintenance of production equipment.


* Features &Benefits

 Protects metal parts in high heat environments.

 Prevents rust, corrosion, seizing and eases disassembly.

 Reduces friction and wear to critical parts.

 Buttery texture ideal for both coarse and fine threads.

 Exceptional lubrication properties.

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