· Fire retardant for wool, ANTA-515S

· Fire retardant for cotton and rayon, ANTA-506

· Fire retardant for non woven fabric, ANTA-510

· Fire retardant for back coating, BCA-509

· Fire retardant coating agent for flame shields or protection barriers, FR-519

· Flame retardant of water resistant for polyester, ANTA-500

· Fire retardant for Acryl emulsion, ANTA-520V

· Fire retardant for Polyester, ANTA-530

Fire & flame retardant & resistant chemicals

Our Anti-sticking agent is used during the rolling process of thin plate nickel, zinc, copper alloy. Apply anti-sticking agent (ASA) to both sides of the contacting surfaces during the high temperature (600~650) rolling phase to protect from seizure.

Anti-sticking agent


Development of tailor made products

OLED, LED, Semiconductor and Solar Cell related products, Cutting fluids for wafer, Conductive coating agents, Antistatic agents, Degreasers, Anti-corrosion agents, PMMA releasing agents, Rust removers, Polishing agents, Inks, Non-slip agents, Fire retardants, LCD Cleaners, Anti-Sticking agents and more.

· Antistatic agent for Glove, GAS-340

· Antistatic agent for Rubber, RAS-307

· Antistatic agent for Polyurethane, UREAS-390

· Antistatic agent for Water-borne Paint, PAS-355N

· Antistatic agent for Water base Coating, PUL-337

· For Antistatic Coating agent, ASC-315

· Antistatic agent for Synthetic fabric, TAS-335

· Antistatic agent for Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), ELAS-350

· Antistatic agent for acryl pressure sensitive adhesive of solvent base, PSA-360S

· Antistatic agent for acryl pressure sensitive adhesive of water base, PSA-360W

· Antistatic agent for spray, SAS-310

· Antistatic agent for Non dust paper, NDP-308

· Antistatic agent for UV curing, UVAS-364

Antistatic agents

You can see rust on various kinds of equipment, tools, hardware, cases, molds, engine parts, automobiles, heavy equipments, turneries and such equipment. With our product, you’ll have no more worries.   

Rust remover

During the continuous high luster mirror manufacturing process, use of our polishing agent JB-270 in the buffer polishing phase of items such as: stainless steel coils, utensils, automobile bumpers, laundry, faucets, sinks, elevators, cabinets, tables, metal furniture, door handles, ovens, refrigerators or whatever your needs.  “Make your business shine.”

Polishing agent for stainless steel

White ink is a solution for the problems of using chalk or white boards. Our product replaces the use of chalk or white board markers. An excellent product replacement.

White ink for marking pens

Our EF Cleaner/Degreaser for metal is a water soluble detergent. Our product solves  normal cleaning and degreaser problems. Our product is more effective while washing, does not leave residual substances, is non-toxic, does not generate sludge in wash tanks and does not corrode metal .


· Non slip coating agent, NSC-102

· Non slip agent for Cardboard box, NS-114B

· Non slip agent for heat shrink packing film, NS-113F

Non-slip agent

Product List

JINBO: 82-54-336-3578

INSTITUTE: 82-54-334-3588

A product’s usual quality decline due to the presence of rust in Semi-conductors, food packing systems, automotive parts, CNC lathe processing parts and more are Solved with ANTICO-145W.   

Anti-corrosion agent

Conductive coating agents

Starcon is a conductive coating agent for the coating of film or sheet acryl resin plates,  poly carbonate (PC), PET, PS, ABS and the likes. When this product is used for semi-conductors, the electronic industries or used for the first sealer, (In this case it drops the surface resistant in the antistatic PE pressure sensitive adhesive for the protective film.

Solar Cell Related

1.  Cutting fluid for Wafer

· SOLUBE P-783 & D-775: for Silicon Carbide Slurry

· DWF-722: for Diamond Wire Sawing

2.  Texturing Agent STA-007: for Single Crystalline silicon Wafers

PMMA releasing agent

Our releasing agent used even in small amounts during the PMMA acryl sheets manufacturing methods results in ease of glass separation, further more acryl sheets do not result in cracks and excellent leveling.   

Semiconductor Related

1. Cutting fluid for Silicon Ingot

· CONLUBE M-782: Oil based

· SCF-728: for Silicon Cathode

· MCR-741: for MCT, NC, CNC

2.  Diamond Blade Dicing: Lube Clean (Mc-3000)

3.  Protective Coating Agent for Laser Saw

· Chip Guard (LC-5000): for Low-K Wafer

· Safe Guard (LC-8000): for Special Wafer

4. Slurry for Back Polishing : JINSOL BPS-215

LED Related

1.  Cutting fluid for Sapphire Ingot (DWF-765)

2.  Dispersant of B4C for Lapping (BCD-700)

3.  Dispersant for Diamond Slurry

· DSF-293 & DSF-287HV: Oil based

· DSF-235W: Water based

4. Adhesive for Wafer Polishing (SPA-140 & SPA-140H)

5. Detergent for Sapphire Wafer (WD-240)

OLED Related

1. JB-UV228 is a high performance adhesive of UV/VIS cure type for a OLED Cell. Current concrescence surfaces come apart by the shock or vibration of the products which is due to the lose of a bonding strength between LTPS and IN CAB at the AM-OLED [Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode].  To improve the coupling strength, inject our adhesive to the surface after completion of the cell cutting. Our product is also an excellent water proof sealant of TFT LCD’s contained in hand phones.

LC-604EF is a dipping detergent to rid organic/ inorganic impurities on the surface of liquid crystal glass used in the LCD electronic manufacturing process.

LCD Related