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Rust Remover

You can see rust on various kinds of equipment, tools, hardware, cases, molds, engine parts, automobiles, heavy equipment, turneries and other equipment.

Our product will remove your worries.†††

Easy to use



Metal Conditioner

Contains degreasing agents

Product Name: JN-102

Our rust remover JN-102 is specially formulated to remove the maximum amount of rust quickly and with minimum effort. It is a liquid wash off remover that reacts with oxides formed on metal surfaces to dissolve unsightly and destructive rust while leaving the surface clean. The rust remover can be applied by brushing, spraying or dipping. It is packaged at full strength and can be diluted with water to suit the job at hand. This product is Non-Flammable and may be heated to accelerate the chemical action hereby shorten the time required for cleaning. It does not contain any hydrochloric acid and† has no fumes associated with such acids. This product is also reusable and a† versatile liquid with a long shelf life. Itís an excellent metal conditioner to be used prior to application of paints and corrosion preventatives. Our rust remover contains degreasing agents allowing effective rust removal while removing protective oils as well. Although heavy deposits of grease must be removed prior to use.


* Application

 Used on various carbon base metal surface rust.

 Various exchange equipment, including oil coolers.

 Complex cleaning of iron construction frames, reinforcing rods and other iron items.

 CNC precision machinery and parts.

 Industrial machines and parts.

 Various tools, molds, bearings.

 Automobiles, lathes, heavy equipment, farming machines, manufacturing and/or maintenance.

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