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Polishing agent

During continuous high luster mirror manufacturing, using our polishing agent JB-270 in the buffer polishing process on stainless steel coils, utensils, automobiles, bumpers, laundry units, faucets, sinks, elevators, cabinets, tables, metal furniture, door handles, ovens, refrigerators or whatever your needs. Make your business shine! Also excellent as a cleanup or touchup product in every day use.

Liquid Polishing agent for stainless steel

JB-270 is a liquid polishing agent for stainless steel. It has an excellent cleaning, polishing, luster function. Making stainless steel products look just like a mirror. It is a high viscose thixotropic liquid, sprayed on in the manufacturing process giving a continuous high luster surface. Excess polishing agent does not cause stains or discoloration when left to dry.


Everyday use: Not only for manufacturing use, it can be used for cleaning or touching up products in every day uses.


* Characteristics

1. Removes finger prints, grease, smudges, watermarks and streaks.

2. Bring life and sparkle back into your kitchen, bathroom, or business.

3. Cleans brushed stainless steel/polished Stainless Steel & other Interior Metal Surfaces with excellent results.

4. Never regret that you purchased any Stainless Steel product.

5. Works on any misty Stainless Steel surface in Hotels, Airports, Bars, Restaurants and so on.

6. Put a professional look to the Face of your Business and increases customer satisfaction by having clean stainless steel surfaces.

7. A great all around metal cleaner.


* Application: Kitchen Equipment Cars  Bumpers Rims Washrooms Faucets Sinks Elevators Drinking Fountains Trim Filing Cabinets Tables Metal Furniture Countertops Door Handles Ovens Refrigerators Panels

Product Name: JB-270

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