Text Box: Used for replacing chalk or white board markers


Development of tailor made products

White ink

White ink is a substitute for your usual chalk or white board problems.

White ink for marker pen

Chalk has been used in schools and other institutes as a writing method for a long time, but this created dust due to friction on the chalk board often causing respiratory trouble for teachers and a hindrance to our indoor environments.

Still a lot of schools today use chalk, or have begun using white boards. Even these white boards have issues, they make your eyes visibly tired if you use them for a period of time. White boards also have problems with erasing once the surface has been damaged.  To solve these problems, we have developed White Ink (Korean Patent No.0447846), this ink is used in refilling a Marker Pen that replaces chalk and white board markers.


* Characteristics:

1. This product has no phthalate base chemicals which can cause endocrine obstruction.

2. This product does not create a build up of film on the writing board, nor does it create dust when used or erased.

3. Easy erasure ability, even if left on the board for a long period.

4. This product provides visual stabilization (easy on the eyes), due to the strong white color on a green board.

5. Provides a good smooth writing experience and does not create friction or noise when you use it.

6. Minimal odor due to a pure alcohol base solution.


* Instructions of use: Shake the marker up and down until internal ball makes a sound in the 100 ml refillable container, this gets rid of sedimentation. Fill with White Ink through the top of the marker pen. Click the pen several times to make the ink permeate to the tip of the pen. Ready for use!

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Ink marker pen


Board surface

Half gloss

No gloss


Marker pen, refill ink, eraser

Chalk, eraser, Chalk case, eraser cleaner


No dust,

Use refillable pen,

Clean board by water base rag

Use of magnetic board available

Accessories maintenance cost,

Clean board by water base rag,

Use of magnetic board available


Accessories price

Cause dust and mess, hard to clean