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Anti-corrosion agent

Semi-conductor equipment, food packing automatic systems, auto parts and CNC turnery, all use carbon base metals which are different from standard stainless steel materials. Use of carbon base metals naturally generate rust by just being in the air. ANTICO-145W is an anti-corrosive agent for blocking the causes that declines the structural efficiency from rust and provides a strong and precise protective membrane. ANTICO-145W is a water base anticorrosive for protecting the metal from corrosion cause by moisture or air contamination.

Water based Anticorrosive
Product Name: ANTICO-145W

* Characteristics

1. Provides a chemical protective film that intercepts the penetration of moisture, salt, oxygen and other causes of deteriorable formations.

2. Due to the low surface resistance, it provides good penetration even in complicated structures.

3. With low concentration of 3~5 Wt%, it is a very effective corrosive protection.

4. Provides better rust prevention compared with other oil base agents used in the same conditions.

5. Available for dipping or spraying.

6. Minimum odor, non-toxic and stable.

7. In case of second process of metal, it does not need grease removal process because it is water based.

8. Provides superior rustproof efficiency when using anticorrosive cutting fluids.


* Application

· Variable carbon base industrial machines and parts.

· Automotive parts.

· CNC lathe processing of precision parts.

· For use on rusted items after reaching the supply chain.


* Instruction of use

· Apply after grease/dust is remove if required.

· Apply after using rust remover (JN-102 is a Jinbo product available for this  function).

· Apply by dipping, brushing or spraying; use 3-5 Wt% of ANTICO-145W 

· Dry completely, naturally or using fans.

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