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Our EF Cleaner/Degreaser for metal is a water soluble detergent. Our product solves  normal cleaning and degreaser problems. Our product is more effective while washing, does not leave residual substances, is non-toxic, does not generate sludge in wash tanks and does not corrode metal . This product has superior removing power for all grease and oils on metal and non-metal products while protecting the environment from the usual degreaser toxins

*  Characteristics:

This product  (SKY PLUS) is an active surface agent perfect in penetrating and loosening the bond of oily substances by lowering surface and interaction tensions.  This cleaning solution effectively separates the oils from the surface leaving a clean part to work with. Since EF Cleaner/degreaser does not become saturated with these oils, (does not emulsify the oil) and disperses them within the solution thereby enabling the reuse of this product numerous times. Our SKY PLUS can last as much as four times longer than caustic cleaners.  SKY PLUS, also prevents sludge build-up within your cleaning system.  This allows your equipment to keep free of lime and particle build-up on and around heating coils and spray nozzles.



· Non-toxic and non-flammable.

· Not harmful to equipment or personnel, thus no special handling or ventilation system is necessary.

· Non-corrosive.

· Biodegradable.

· Has an indefinite shelf-life.


*  Application:

· Automotive service centers: transmissions and parts.

· Brake parts manufacturing: Brake parts and master cylinders.

· Cleaning grease bearing: Bearing, bearing cases, and like parts.

· Metal plating: Pre–treatment process of Aluminum wheel plating.

· Ceramic and optical communication parts.

· Copy machine drums.

· Dye casting parts.

· Compressor parts: Compressor case an accessories.

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Product Name: SKY PLUS