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In general a chips manufacturing process includes multiple fine and complex parts and connections of multiple layers of materials in one process and not by assembly of individual pieces one by one. then drawing inside the many layers of the material.

Broadly speaking, the semiconductor manufacturing process is firstly the process of designing an electronic circuit which is operative in the silicon wafer, Secondly, electronic circuits are divided into layers and drawing process in the glass mask (mask production), thirdly, formation of many type of layers on the wafer surface, repeating selective cutting by mask made in the second step, this is the electronic circuit fabrication process (wafer process: Fabrication/FAB), Fourthly, cutting chips of wafer individually and assembling with lead flame, this is the complete assembling steps, Fifthly: inspection step for target operation of final products.

Detailed process view is as following pictures.

Wafer cutting (Picture 15) of semiconductor fabric method is Diamond Blade Sawing method which was used to use cutting fluid for a long time. Laser Sawing method which is a newly developed method, currently both run parallel, but Laser Sawing method will be frequently used in the future due to the high-productivity.

Text Box: 1. Crystal growth 2. Cutting silicon loaf 3. Polishing wafer surface 4. Design circuit 5. Mask production 6.Oxidation process step 7. Spray sensitization agent 8. Expose light 9. Development 10.Etching 11. Ion injection 12. Chemical coating 13. Metal wiring 14. Wafer auto sorting 15. Cutting wafer 16. Polishing wafer surface 17. Metal connection 18. Molding 19 Final inspection

Semiconductor integrated circuit (IC) is a very small thin silicon chip packed with numerous electronic components (transistor, diodes, resistors, capacitors). These electronic components are connected to each other precisely to act as logic gates and memory devices.

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