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Development of tailor made products

Non Slip Agents

This product is excellent on palletized Cardboard Boxes and/or heat shrink wrapped packing materials. Just spray with our Anti-Slip Agents and boxes seem to stick together. This product provides a strong horizontal adhesion with a weak vertical adhesion (making unloading easy). This prevents the worry of moving pallets, causing load shifts and possible damage of your products.

· Non slip coating agent, NSC-102

· Non slip agent for Cardboard box, NS-114B

· Non slip agent for heat shrike packing film, NS-113F

Anti Slip Agent

¨ Non slip agent for heated shrink wrap packing film, NS-113F:

* Characteristic:

Non slip agent NS-113F is superior in use of packing film, Polyethylene base heated shrink wrap.  Your products will remain in place due to the strong adhesion applied during the heated shrink wrapping process. The ingredients are environmentally friendly, having no hazardous or toxic compounds.

¨ Non-slip agent for Cardboard box, NS-114B:

* Characteristic:

Our non-slip agent NS-114B is superior on the liner of paper material such as cardboard boxes. This product is available as a spray with a high characteristic of viscosity and also a thixotropy (gel that changes to Liquid when shaken).  Prevents the slippage of products with low absorption into the cardboard material. This allows you to stack higher by preventing the boxes from sliding off each other due to the horizontal adhesion while still providing a weak vertical adhesion (making unloading easy). Even effective on low quality paper material. No damage occurs during the separation of boxes.  

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¨ Non-slip coating agent, NSC-102:

* Characteristic:

Our coating agent NSC-102 provides a non slipping property  in materials such as non-woven fabrics, textiles/fibers/fabrics, papers, films, tiles etc.. This product is odorless, has high viscosity, and is a water base non slip coating agent. Coatings are available in both roller and knife. After product is dry, the final results are colorless and transparent.